What Do We Get Out of Celebrities Without Makeup Photos Online?

celebrities without makeup

Surely you have seen photos of celebrities without makeup online. What do you think about these pictures? Did you ever lose interest in your favorite actress or actor just because you saw him or her sans make up? Or did you feel inspired nonetheless after seeing celebrities in their plain makeup-free face?

Yes, it is shocking, unbelievable and partly funny when you realize that stars are just plain people. Sure they look glamorous in front of the big screen but fans need to realize that they are there to act and to play a role but what we fans often forget is that they live, breathe, eat and sleep just like us too. For fans who just cannot believe what they see, check out these important revelations about your favorite stars:

celebrities without makeup

  1. Seeing a female star without makeup is actually flattering. Actresses who are not afraid to let other people see who they really are like Nicolette Sheridan, Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks and Madonna are definitely the most beautiful. These stars are seen shopping, going to the gym, caring for their kids and just being themselves. This just means that they want to tell everyone and every fan that they are also plain women, mothers, daughters and plain ordinary people who love to enjoy ordinary stuff!

  2. With all the plain faces and even withered faces that you see when you look at celebrities without makeup pictures you will definitely realize how makeup, hard work, stress and intrigue can make stars look older than their ages. Movie stars are caked with makeup especially when they are playing costume roles and younger roles; they have to wear layer upon layer of makeup that destroys the delicate skin of the face. Just be glad that your skin does not have to endure this stress and that you can keep your face younger as time passes by.

  3. celebs without makeup : What these pictures actually tell us is that we should all be proud that we can step out of the house and go to different places without being ashamed of our faces. Other than the actresses that were not at all shamed of their makeup free faces are stars that seem to be afraid to be seen without tons of products on their cheeks. Normal folks must cherish the freedom that they still have as they can walk the streets, buy anything they want from anywhere and park your car without the worries of being harassed.

  4. Let us not forget that although these stars are making millions, they can never buy the simple happiness of taking your dog out for a walk, walking your kids to school or even enjoying your neighbourhood without first putting on makeup. Nothing can replace the feeling of enjoying the simple happiness that the simple life offers. But of course nothing changes for fans as they happily partake on the natural beauty of their favorite stars. But if one must comment on these hilarious pictures is that stars must consider permanent makeup instead!